Taking Control of Body Shape
Posted by trainerweightlosswai, 12/20/2017 5:35 am

Most people are not happy with their appearance. Some because they are obese, some because of particular facial features, and others are healthy and toned but do not have the ideal hourglass figure. Makeup or cosmetic procedures can take care of the face. Diet and exercise can reverse the obesity. The hourglass figure will require external intervention.

Bringing In the Waist

The size of the waist is the key to the hourglass appearance. The waist does not necessarily have to be tiny, but it does have to be cinched in for the look to be pronounced. Centuries ago, women wore corsets that were made of whale bones and closed in the back with durable string. This would typically be tightened by someone else until it was as constricted as possible.

The desired effect was achieved but at a high price. Lung capacity was diminished to the point of causing women to faint when they attempted to take a deep breath. Internal organs were damaged, which could cause internal bleeding, digestive issues, and shorten the lifespan in extreme cases. Today, the corset is making a comeback with a few modern twists.

Waist Trainers

Wearing a cincher or corset will help women take control of their body shapes by slimming their waists. Materials are different, and there are a few compression options. Instead of whale bones, cinchers have plastic bones and corsets have steel ones. Cinchers are recommended as a weight-loss waist trainer because they allow more flexibility of movement and are more comfortable.

Most trainers of this type are made of latex and target the waist by raising the temperature in the midsection and making people sweat more in that area. When these are worn as a component of the total weight management plan, the waist will conform to the shape even when the trainer is removed. A waist trainer alone will not be effective if there are no changes in eating habits and exercise regimes of people who are obese.

The Corset

A corset is better suited for people who are already at a healthy weight but want the waist to be slimmer. The compression levels are higher, and movement is more restricted. Materials include latex, satin, cotton, spandex, wire mesh, or a neoprene fabric that is latex-free. To determine which waist trainer is best for desired outcomes, go to www.waistedtogether.com for sizing charts and selection guides.

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